February 23, 2014, Cristian Melendez, LA PRENSA GRAFICA

Environmental movement presented a set of proposals to the FMLN candidate asking for greater commitment on the issues.

The Movement of Victims Affected Climate Change and Corporations (MOVIAC) delivered a proposal to the presidential candidate of the FMLN, Salvador Sanchez Ceren, yesterday in San Isidro, Cabañas.  The proposal asks the government to acquire a greater commitment not to allow the exploitation of metal mining in the country, particularly in the department of Cabañas.

The proposal, which was submitted by the MOVIAC, is supported by 10 NGOs. According to Ricardo Navarro, director of the Salvadoran Center for Appropriate Technology(CESTA) and one of the promoters of the proposal, was presented only to the FMLN slate because, "you are within two weeks of being elected and officially proclaimed President and Vice President”.

"The first thing we want to express to you is a reflection of global character. The way our society uses extracted resources, the nature, levels and types of consumption and the non-existent waste disposal practices are not sustainable," Navarro said.

In that sense, Sanchez Ceren pledged not to allow metal mining in the country. According to the candidate, the exploitation of metal mining is an attack on the population.

According to the candidate, the practice is a threat to the country and therefore reiterated its commitment not to grant exploitation licenses.  READ MORE

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