When communities in rural El Salvador learned that Canadian and U.S. corporations were exploring for gold on their land in 2006, they began a national movement to educate and resist gold mining in El Salvador, and to defend the right of the Salvadoran people to clean water, clean soil, and the people´s right to defend their territories. As a national network, Sister Cities educates about mining and takes action to publicize the issue, advocates to our Congressional representatives and pressures North American mining companies to respect the rights and soveirgnty of the Salvadoran people.  


Sister Cities works through two main channels in our anti-mining work:


The National Roundtable against Mineral Mining  , a coalition of Salvadoran environmental, human rights and community organizations.


International Allies Against Metallic Mining in El Salvador ,  is the international arm of this struggle, made up of organizations in the US, Canada, and Australia that support the Salvadoran people as they demand sovereignty, the right to water and healthy communities.



How can I get involved???

  • Join the Sister Cities / International Allies anti-mining delegation in September 2014
  • Read the latest news on the International Allies Website
  • Join local environmental struggles and draw connections with the global environmental / anti-corporate struggle
  • Become a Sister Cities volunteer and create English-language media about anti-mining activites while supporting the struggle in El Salvador




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