A cordial greeting on behalf of the Communal Association of the Heroes of April 11th of Arcatao.  We hope this letter finds you well with your families and your daily life.  We are grateful to have contact with you and would like to say thanks for the support and collaboration we had with you during our consultation against the exploration and exploitation of mining. 


The international observers´ presence here helped make it possible to realize that it was a democratic act the population of Arcatao carried out.  Coordinated by the sistering relationship, the consultation had a 53% voter turnout in the municipality of Arcatao.  Of the 1,027 people who voted, only three said yes they wanted mining and there was one null vote.  1,023 people said no to the exploration and exploitation of mining in all the territory of Arcatao.  We will continue to fight so that there can be a law that prohibits mining in all of El Salvador.  We would like to create consciousness of the damage mining does to the most developing of countries to prohibit mining on a global level.  We are thankful for the support of Sister Cities for 29 years of accompaniment to the Salvadoran people.