Call your Congressperson TODAY and ask them to sign on to a Dear Congress letter sponsored by Congressman Pocan and Honda telling  Secretary of State John Kerry, also the head of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, to stop intervening in El Salvador's domestic policy through the conditioning of the development aid funds. 

march against monsanto es 2014
The Family Agriculture Plan, an important and successful program that buys naturally improved seeds from local co-operatives, is being threatened because of this interventionist attitude. Our government´s actions are especially harsh given that these are precisely the kind of programs that prevent migration by significantly increasing the quality of life for the poorest families here. 
The letter closes 5 PM Eastern Thursday, June 26th, so it's crucial that we get a move on this. 
Click here to find your Congress representative's phone number in DC. 
Click to find three documents:

1)      A June 2014 Pocan Dear Congress Letter Call Script to guide you when talking to congressional offices.  (Note: There are two options for how to make the final ask at the bottom of it.  The first option is for more progressive representatives that are critical of corporate power in our world.  The second option is a little softer and is for less progressive representatives that would recognize aid shouldn’t be manipulated this way but may be turned off by strong language against corporations.  But, in the end, both options are asking the representative to do the same thing: Sign the letter.)
2)      A June 2014 Pocan Dear Congress Letter that is being sponsored by Representatives Pocan and Honda.
3)      A Background Information on Millennium Challenge Corporation Fund and El Salvador prepared by Oxfam about
 the way the Embassy has used the funds to intervene in domestic policy.
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