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The United Nations System in El Salvador, at the conclusion of the second round of presidential elections on Sunday, March 9, 2014 :

1)    Congratulates the Salvadoran population that exercised in mass their civic right to elect their highest authorities. This overwhelming support, which exceeded 60 % of the electoral registery, signlas the firm intention of Salvadorans to strengthen its democratic system and deepen the political and institutional progress made since the signing of the peace accords.

 2)   Expresses confidence in the functioning of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and other national bodies responsible for managing the process, verifying the proper operation, resolving any differences and determining the presidential ticket that Salvadorans have chosen to lead the country during the next five years . International observers have noted that both electoral events held this year have been handled in a transparent manner, with high efficiency and timely information to all political parties, media and national and international observers .

 3)   Calls on all political actors to respect and enforce the constitutionally established supreme electoral authority and to properly follow all procedures established by the electoral law to bring this process to a just conclusion with the final counting of votes. Additionally, urges them to maintain a cautious approach in the sense of providing space for the results to determined with certainty, in order not to tarnish the democratic and electoral exercise conducted both on February 2 , and March 9 just past, and maintain the calm that the process and the Salvadoran people deserve.

4)    Invites the political, economic and social spaces to resume dialogue and consensus to build the necessary agreements that promote human development of the country leadership. In this sense, as the United Nations System in El Salvador , we make ourselves available to all stakeholders to support them in this process.

San Salvador, March 12, 2014 .

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