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 Updated from Tuesday, March 18th

On Sunday, March 16th, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) officially announced Salvador Sanchez Ceren and Oscar Ortiz as the President-Elect and Vice President-Elect of El Salvador. The declaration was signed on to by all five of the TSE magistrates, including the magistrate from the National Republican Alliance party, ARENA, and was overseen by representatives from both political parties, the Attorney General´s office, the Human Rights office, and observers from the EU and OAS. 


On Wednesday, March 26th at 8:30pm CST US-El Salvador Sister Cities with Witness for Peace Southwest will host a live video webinar to report from El Salvador on the March Presidential elections, with participation from Sister Cities staff and key leaders of the MPR-12 (Popular Resistance Movement).  Marcos, Antonia, and Abel of the MPR-12 will report about the hopes for the future administration of the FMLN and about the threats posed by the right wing to oppose the election results.  

Click this link to register for the webinar and for more information.


Given the electoral events of March 9, 2014:

The Association for the Development of El Salvador, CRIPDES, hereby congratulates the Salvadoran people for exemplary behavior demonstrated during the civic party March 9, 2014 , when we celebrated the presidential elections in our country .

This civic celebration affirms, once again, the democratic commitment of our people and our desire to live in a culture of peace and respect for civil liberties, political and social rights.

As an organization that has worked hard to promote civic participation since the Peace Accords of 1992 , we believe that democratic institutions have been strengthened through  elections that have consolidated political alternatives.


L1500041The following information is a compilation of Salvadoran news reports and observations from our allied organizations:

Yesterday, Tuesday March 11th,  the Supreme Electoral Tribunal began a process of revising the 21 forms that could not be counted in the Tribunal’s preliminary results, which showed the FMLN ahead of ARENA by 6, 634 votes (50.11% vs. 49.89%).

As of our last update on Monday March 11th, the right-wing party, the Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) has called for a vote-by-vote recount (unauthorized by the electoral code because the impugned votes do not number more than the vote gap between the two parties), alleged fraud, and has mobilized demonstrations throughout the country demanding that the results, which have not yet been officially confirmed, be annulled. The manifestations are blocking important streets and highways throughout the country. There are even reports that ARENA is paying demonstrators upwards of $20 each to show up. Yesterday afternoon, TSE representatives that are members of ARENA walked out of the final scrutiny, halting the process for the day. After Eugenio Chicas, the TSE President, denounced the inflammatory actions and called for the Organization of American States and the Human Rights Attorney General to oversee the process, the TSE resumed the final scrutiny this morning.


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The United Nations System in El Salvador, at the conclusion of the second round of presidential elections on Sunday, March 9, 2014 :

1)    Congratulates the Salvadoran population that exercised in mass their civic right to elect their highest authorities. This overwhelming support, which exceeded 60 % of the electoral registery, signlas the firm intention of Salvadorans to strengthen its democratic system and deepen the political and institutional progress made since the signing of the peace accords.

 2)   Expresses confidence in the functioning of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and other national bodies responsible for managing the process, verifying the proper operation, resolving any differences and determining the presidential ticket that Salvadorans have chosen to lead the country during the next five years . International observers have noted that both electoral events held this year have been handled in a transparent manner, with high efficiency and timely information to all political parties, media and national and international observers .

 3)   Calls on all political actors to respect and enforce the constitutionally established supreme electoral authority and to properly follow all procedures established by the electoral law to bring this process to a just conclusion with the final counting of votes. Additionally, urges them to maintain a cautious approach in the sense of providing space for the results to determined with certainty, in order not to tarnish the democratic and electoral exercise conducted both on February 2 , and March 9 just past, and maintain the calm that the process and the Salvadoran people deserve.

4)    Invites the political, economic and social spaces to resume dialogue and consensus to build the necessary agreements that promote human development of the country leadership. In this sense, as the United Nations System in El Salvador , we make ourselves available to all stakeholders to support them in this process.

San Salvador, March 12, 2014 .

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