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For the first time ever, thanks to Sister Cities volunteers Katie and Jacey, Sister Cities offers a seasonal online craft store! You can read more below about how you can give and receive!

 Looking for an alternative way to gift-give this season? Consider donating to US-El Salvador Sister Cities to receive a handmade gift that supports Salvadoran artisans. After you donate we will send you an item from one of our sistered community co-ops here in El Salvador.


When you give to US El Salvador Sister Cities, your money goes a long way!!! Because we are a grassroots organization, we work like an anthill -- lots of workers getting the work done among them! That means our operating expenses are exceptionally low, and the majority of our budget goes to Salvadoran communities and the social movement. Here are some examples of how YOUR donation is put to work in US El Salvador Sister Cities!


1) $125 per month 

is what we pay in office rent in El Salvador. Our office is a space full of activity -- and history! Press conferences, delegation presentations, organizing workshops, and so much more takes place in our office, not to mention the great work that our ES Staff do!!



2) $30 per month

is the average amount that high school scholarship students receive through CRIPDES / Sister Cities scholarship programs! This small amount is the difference between being able to study and not for many young people in rural communities in El Salvador. With this amount, students can pay for transportation to get to school as well as school supplies and costs related to homework assignments. This year Sister Cities is supporting over 70 scholarship students!!!



3) $150

the cost per person for our compas from the communities to participate in the 30th Anniversary International Gathering in 2016! It is important to celebrate all that we have achieved in these 30 years, and that´s why we´re inviting folks from the US and El Salvador to participate in a 3-day International Gathering from July 22-24, 2016. Sister Cities will cover the cost of people who come from our sistered communities -- all 16 of them!!!



4) $250 per month

is what CRIPDES Promoters earn for the amazing work they do. CRIPDES Promoters are the ones who implement all the projects that Sister Cities funds -- from scholarships to organic vegetable gardens to community radio projects -- and many of them do their work on a volunteer basis.  Sister Cities has worked hard over the past several years to fundraise so we can offer a modest salary to these promoters who are such an essential part of our team.



Please consider donating today to support this important work. You can mail checks to



PO Box 1486

Bucksport, ME 04416 


There are many more reasons to donate, just check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for daily updates about the work US El Salvador Sister Cities is doing!



Your generosity makes Sister Cities' work possible!

Sister Cities is proud of our 30 years of building leaders in the U.S. and El Salvador, of challenging the for-profit agenda that hurts our communities, and of walking with the sister communities, raising our voices in shared effort.Not one of these 30 years could have happened without your committed support.

Donate securely online:


Send a donation in the mailSend a check to our office at:
US-El Salvador Sister Cities

PO Box 1413

Bucksport, ME 04416

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Sister Cities is by becoming a sustainer and giving an automatic, secure monthly gift!  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about our sustainer program or click here to read FAQs about the program.


US-El Salvador Sister Cities is a registered 501(c)3, non-profit organization.
Your contributions are 100% tax-deductible.

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