Dear Mr. Wilkes,

We, the_______ are writing this letter out of concern for the communities of Cabañas and the people of El Salvador.  We urge Oceana Gold to drop its lawsuit against the government of El Salvador and abandon its plans to develop the El Dorado project or any other mining activity in El Salvador. We are asking you to live up to your commitment to respect human rights and communities’ right to free, prior, and informed consent and listen to the people of Cabañas and El Salvador who are actively opposing the mine due to the risks this project poses to their lives and livelihoods. Salvadoran civil society and government- have declared their opposition to mining of its potential to affect their very limited water sources.  We urge you to listen and respect the sovereignty of this country.

We have a long history of sistering with the community of ______ in__(department)__ since _(year)_, working side by side with the people of el Salvador as they work to create a more just, safe society in El Salvador.  The El Dorado mining project would be a step backwards from all the important advances that have been made by the Salvadoran people since the Peace Accords in 1992. A large part of our sistering work has been fighting against US intervention that undermines El Salvador´s sovereign right to create policies and to the democratic process, and we ask that you support the same.

We look forward to your prompt response to the issues outlined here.



Address (with postal code)

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