US-El Salvador Sister Cities would like to present to you our 2016 Operative Plan!

This plan was created with the objective to identify Sister Cities priorities for 2016. This tool is the result of diologues and discussions within the different committees that make up Sister Cities. Each committee decided that it is strategic to focus on the following areas for this year. Please, read our Operative Plan for 2016 below.

The Operative Plan serves as a set of goals and priorities by which to guide strategies and actions. More concretely, the Operative Plan helps staff discern how to prioritize their time and what kinds of initiatives should take priority, as well as providing a shared direction to US committees. This plan is decided upon in assembly at the National Gathering and in further discussion with the Board of Directors and staff.

  1. Sustainability
    1. Work with youth
    2. Reach out to new members of all ages
    3. Improve communications
    4. Work on new strategy for incorporating national members
    5. Incorporate ES community folks in US into the USESSC network
    6. More support from US staff for US committees
    7. Organize around 30th anniversary activites to build energy
  2. Resistance to Corporate Takeover of Environmental Resources
    1. Sugar cane campaign
    2. Mining
    3. Make more links between US and ES shared struggles

 Each committee will make its own operative plan and decide its own priorities in 2016, through dialogue and discussion with their sister community, sister cities staff, and their local base.  Different local committees and individuals may decide to focus on different parts of each program, and use diverse strategies.  The collective work done by committees in our Network will support the priorities outlined above.