Sister Cities is excited to welcome three new team members to El Salvador this month!  Joining us is one new staff, who will be based in the San Salvador office, and two interns who will be working in Arcatao.


Gilberto is grateful for the opportunity to be able to return to El Salvador.  His interest in Latin America is rooted in his identity as someone who is half Mexican and half Puerto Rican.  As an undergraduate at the University of San Francisco (USF), Gilberto had the opportunity to study abroad at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Tijuana, Mexico and at the Universidad Centroamericana "José Simeón Cañas" in San Salvador, El Salvador.  After finishing at USF, he spent five months teaching English at a Catholic parrish in Soyapango, El Salvador.  Between 2006 and 2007, Gilberto returned to Latin America to do accompaniment work in Colombia, splitting his time between Bogota & San José de Apartadó.  Over the years he has returned to Colombia several times as part of his work as a research assistant with a professor researching Afro-Colombian communities.  In 2014, he finished his master's degree in International Studies from DePaul University in Chicago, IL.  The theme of his thesis was "The Politics of Indigenous Social Struggle in Colombia."  Gilberto is excited about joining U.S.-El Salvador Sister Cities.


Katie Chambers recently graduated from Montana State University with her bachelor's in Latin American Studies and International Business. Katie has always had a passion for travel and the Spanish language, and likes to combine the two often. After learning about the Salvadoran Civil War of the eighties and the influence of the US on Latin American conflicts and immigration, she decided to take part in the action by directly learning more from the people of El Salvador. She hopes to pursue a career assisting immigrants when she eventually returns home to the Pacific Northwest. In her spare time, Katie enjoys writing and blogging, reading of all types, hiking and playing outside, yoga, and hearing new stories.  Follow Katie´s blog.


 Jacey Anderson recently graduated from Montana State University with degrees in Spanish Teaching and History.  Her interest in U.S.-El Salvador Sister Cities stemmed from undergraduate research on the Salvadoran Civil War.  She became interested in participating in a solidarity-model of work, so Sister Cities fit the bill.  She looks forward to working with the people of Arcatao on various projects, and getting to know people in the community.  Jacey hopes to eventually persue a career in teaching, but for now enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and exploring the outdoors.  Follow Jacey´s blog.