Do you want to get updates about issues in El Salvador?  Do you want to know how U.S. policies are affecting Centroamerican countries, like El Salvador?

Are you interested in getting involved in social movement?

U.S-El Salvador Sister Cities invites you to participate in its 2017 MidWest Speaking Tour.

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Representatives of popular movement in  El Salvador will discuss their experiences and struggles with various global corporations that plunder struggling countries like El Salvador. Community organizing in El Salvador have marked the history of the country.

As you have heard, El Salvador has become the first country in the world to ban metallic mining. After almost 12 years of  grass roots struggle in which environmental activists lost their lives at the hands of agents of transnational mining interests. Community organizing overpowered one of the most harmful threats Salvadorans were about to face: Metallic Mining Exploitation. This is just one example of the succesful work of community organizing in El Salvador.

Join us and learn more about USESSC work in El Salvador 


Madison, WI

Oct. 2nd-3rd

Crystal Lake, IL

Oct. 4th-5th


Oct.  9th-11th

Chicago, IL

Oct. 12th-13th

About the speakers:

Cintia González is one of the youngest CRIPDES outreach promoters. She has been working with youth and women organizing for more than seven years.

Cintia´s enthusiasm and energy allows her to work with more than 300 young people from 5 different communities. She is very involved and committed to processes that are focused on community organizing, and women and youth empowerment. Her awareness of national reality puts her in the perfect position as youth leader in CRIPDES communities.

                                                                                                Cintia Cripdes sur


Zulma Tobar is the USESSC El Salvador coordinator, a salvadoran originally from one of our sister rural communitites in El Salvador, Cinquera sistered with Chicago, IL. Zulma has experienced the power of commmunity organizing in her life and the lives of each member of her community. She works on issues of education, environmental justice, advocacy and community organizing with rural communities of El Salvador through USESSC and the Association for the Development of El Salvador, CRIPDES. Zulma es aware of the necessity of real structural change to have social justice in a society.  She is happy to share her experience with others, so this process of community building and orgnazing can be adopted by many other communities in El Salvador and  the United States.