U.S. El Salvador Sister Cities is looking for interns from diverse backgrounds to come learn hands-on while working with international solidarity organizing in rural communities of El Salvador. 


Specific responsibilities will depend on the academic/professional needs of each intern, but in general interns will: 

Attend events and mobilizations as part of the Salvadoran social movement to provide updates and analysis of current social issues in El Salvador and internationally

Provide media support for grassroots non-profit organization by creating web content, videos, blogs, etc.

Spend time in rural, organized communities working with community leaders on economic development projects, educational projects, and leadership development projects

Coordinate with US base committees to facilitate and encourage community organizing and advocacy from the US.


Specific Internship Opportunities:

Communications Intern:

The communications intern is a student studying communications, web design, graphic design, film, or other related majors who can work specifically to create different forms of media representing the work of US El Salvador Sister Cities and partner organizations in El Salvador.  Ideally we are looking for someone with a creative eye and an inclination towards social justice issues.  Content for the website and youtube channel will be planned and coordinated together with the intern and Solidarity Coordinators, and the intern will have the opportunity to either work based out of the San Salvador central office or live and work out of rural communities with the support of regional teams.


Historic Memory Intern:

The community of Arcatao, located on the border of Honduras and El Salvador, has requested a volunteer to help with historic memory efforts in the community´s local history museum.  Tasks may include: documentation of local history, translation of historic documents, assistance in museum operation and growth projections, fundraising or applying for grants to support the museum.  The intern will have regular communication with the Coordinators in the San Salvador office, and will have the opportunity to work with other organizations based out of the capital that work specifically with historic memory.


International Relations / Global Studies / Latin American Studies Intern:

Through exposure to diverse organizational structures within the area of international solidarity organizations, interns will learn about the solidarity model as a method of practice for development and advocacy work. Interns may choose to work in the central office closely with the two Coordinators in a variety of tasks such as administration, translation, strategizing, coordinating local projects, visiting communities, and communicating with US bases.  Another option is for interns to work based out of a rural community, directly supporting community projects and providing updates and support to staff. 


Human Rights Intern:

The human rights intern will focus his/her work in El Salvador on whatever human rights issue is most relevant at the time the intern is in country.  For example, young leaders from one of our partner organizations were recently incarcerated under bogus charges.  The human rights intern would have been responsible for staying updated on the case, attending hearings and strategizing meetings with the young men´s families, writing urgent actions and updates for the website and mailing list, and conducting political and social analysis of the context of the issue at hand.  This position requires a good deal of self-direction and interest in social justice issues, although staff will provide constant support and feedback.


BSW Intern:

Social Work interns will have weekly supervision with a BSW, and will have the opportunity to participate in community organizing work as well as group work with scholarship students with the possibility of individual work with scholarship students who are struggling to meet requirements of the program.  The intern will be learn about social and political issues and apply them to community and/or individual concerns, and will also be responsible for writing articles or blogs about his/her experience for the organization´s website.



Intern Requirements:

  • Financial responsibility for housing, food, transportation, and other basic needs while in El Salvador (approximately $400 / month) as well as flight to and from El Salvador.
  • Must be FLUENT in Spanish and English.
  • Must commit to a minimum of 12 weeks in El Salvador.
  • Ideal candidates are self-motivated, creative, independent workers.

Organizational Commitment

  • In country orientation to the organization, intern responsibilities, safety, and cultural diffferences
  • Regular supervision and support by the two El Salvador Coordinators
  • Assistance in finding housing
  • Coordination with intern´s academic institution and/or professors to ensure specific academic requirements are met during the internship

Ok, I´m interested. Now what?

Internships with Sister Cities can begin at any time, and are not limited to the opportunities listed above. If you have a particular area of interest or skills set, talk to us about it!  The best way to get started is to email us and we can set up a Skype call to brainstorm together!

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