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Do you want to get updates about issues in El Salvador?  Do you want to know how U.S. policies are affecting Centroamerican countries, like El Salvador?

Are you interested in getting involved in social movement?

U.S-El Salvador Sister Cities invites you to participate in its 2017 MidWest Speaking Tour.

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Even though the State of El Salvador won the case against the mining company, Oceana Gold, the struggle of the Salvadoran people for the defense of land and territory continues. As a way to pressure the Salvadoran government to implement a law definnitively banning mining in El Salvador, social movements together with organized communities are organizing to bring community consultations. For instance, the first three Consultations took place in 2014 in San José Las Flores, San Isidro Labrador, and Nueva Trinidad; then in 2015, Arcatao hold the fourth community Consultation. These four Community Consultations were in the department of Chalatenanngo. This year 2017, the fifth Consultation will take place in the historic municipality of Cinquera in the Department of Cabañas in February 26th .

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The Church of the historic town of Cinquera. Cinquera was completely destroyed during the war by the armed forces.




Co-Coordinator, El Salvador Office

U.S.-El Salvador Sister Cities


The U.S. El Salvador Sister Cities Network is excited to announce the search for two new co-coordinators to work in our El Salvador office.  These positions will be based in San Salvador, and it begin in late January, 2016.


Come join Sister Cities on the 2015 Midwest speaking tour! Claudia Elizabeth Castro will be leading the discussion on continued Salvadoran efforts for sustainable development.

When and Where:
Chicago, IL: Sep 30- Oct 3
Madison, WI: Oct 4- Oct 6
Big Rapids, MI: Oct 7
Grand Rapids, MI: Oct 8
Lawrence, KS: Oct 9- Oct 12
Manhattan, KS: Oct 13
Wichita, KS: Oct 14- 15
National Gathering! Lawrence, KS: Oct 10- 11